12 November 2017
Sustaining a brand is no easy task, especially in an environment as competitive as the jewellery industry. Niessing though has been impressing jewellery lovers with its innovative designs for over a century.

10 November 2017
The Turkish jewellery industry retains its lustre in the face of political and economic uncertainties, with a number of exhibitors at the Istanbul Jewelry Show – a benchmark of the industry’s health – reporting stable business. Gold jewellery continues to be the main growth driver, followed by mounting products, machinery and gem-set jewellery.

09 November 2017
With their eclectic hues, durability and overall beauty, tourmalines are expected to command attention in the global gemstone sector over the coming months, with the Asian market driving the growth.

08 November 2017
Lab-grown diamonds should be viewed as a choice for consumers rather than a threat to the industry, according to ALTR Created Diamonds. The lab-grown diamond house cites full disclosure, modern marketing and a consumer-centric approach as crucial to establishing legitimacy for the product category.

07 November 2017
The Japan Jewellery Association (JJA) has unveiled the winners of its 2017 design meet. For the last 28 years, the JJA Jewellery Design Awards has been the country’s most prestigious jewellery design competition. Not only does it promote Japan’s innovative jewellery design and advanced craftsmanship, it is also an important platform to discover and nurture new talents with great vision for the industry’s future development.
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