31 May 2017
The luminous star-like shape that many gemstones exhibit has fascinated people for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

27 May 2017
Award-winning Canadian jewellery designer and painter, Reena Ahluwalia, continues to make her mark in the jewellery world with her customised pieces celebrating the beauty of diamonds.

19 April 2017
Coloured gemstone specialists are enticing collectors and jewellers with their fine selection of exceptional stones.

19 April 2017
Saying that it is bringing a new level of transparency into the gemstone industry, Gübelin Gem Lab recently presented a technology that enables it to trace an emerald’s provenance and other relevant information such as where and when the gemstone was mined.

19 April 2017
Their spectacular brilliance and gorgeous colours have made tsavorite and peridot among the most popular coloured gemstones in the market today. Just take a look at Paul Wild’s exceptional peridot necklace – the Flower Fairy chain and pendant – and its stunning tsavorite necklace layout. In this feature, industry insiders tell us why they are upbeat about the demand prospects for these gemstones.