31 August 2017
Multicolour sapphire layouts and Kashmir sapphires from the new Azad Kashmir mine in Batakundi, a town in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, are sparking buyers’ interest, a coloured gemstone dealer said recently.

31 August 2017
The global tanzanite market is poised for stronger growth over the coming years, thanks to discerning buyers’ unwavering appetite for top-quality goods, according to Hong Kong-based Amodoria Gems Ltd.

23 August 2017
German gemstone specialist Groh + Ripp GmbH has carved an indelible niche in the global industry, thanks to its commitment to providing a broad selection of coloured gemstones of the highest quality to major markets worldwide.

22 August 2017
A gemstone steeped in myths and legends, the splendid aquamarine is treasured for its sea-blue colours, which remind one of tranquil waters, stormy oceans and the crystal-clear lagoons of the Caribbean. “According to legends, the aquamarine comes from the treasure chest of mermaids. It has been regarded as the mariner’s lucky stone since ancient times,” said Constantin Wild of Idar-Oberstein-based W. Co

17 August 2017
US-based AG Color Inc is fortifying its position in the tanzanite market with its extensive inventory of fine-quality stones, from calibrated goods to flawlessly cut tanzanite gems.