17 August 2017
US-based AG Color Inc is fortifying its position in the tanzanite market with its extensive inventory of fine-quality stones, from calibrated goods to flawlessly cut tanzanite gems.

17 August 2017
Tanzanite – a gemstone valued for its intense blue-violet hues, rarity and enigmatic history – will continue to captivate the global jewellery and gemstone sector going forward.

30 July 2017
This year’s edition of Sri Lanka’s leading international gem and jewellery show, Facets, is expected to make waves in the gemstone world. Scheduled for August 31 to September 3 at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Centre in Colombo, the 27th edition of Facets will showcase the best of Sri Lanka’s topmost resource, according to the event organiser, the Sri Lanka Gem & Jewelry Association (SLGJA).

17 July 2017
An emerald’s vivid green colour and regal allure have long enthralled a great number of gemstone collectors and jewellery connoisseurs for thousands of years. In this story, JNA talks to major emerald traders about the latest trends, opportunities and challenges in the global emerald trade.

04 July 2017
Symbolising love, commitment and wisdom, the sapphire – especially stones in pure, rich shimmery blue – has been an endless source of fascination and delight in many cultures. Coveted for its beauty by serious collectors, this gemstone has been associated with legends and myths, and has been worn by the nobility for centuries. In separate interviews with JNA, some of the world’s most established gemstone dealers explain the allure behind one of the world’s most beloved gemstones.