29 May 2017
Turkey's leadership in jewellery design and production is further gaining momentum, thanks to its diverse and wide talent pool, strong manufacturing sector, and innovative sales and marketing strategies.

13 April 2017
Helen Ho of Hong Kong-based jeweller Mio Senso has always been an advocate of jewellery designs that bring to the fore women’s inherent beauty. With more than a decade of designing expertise, Ho uses her art and influence to create fine jewellery pieces adorned with coloured gemstones that are delicate yet empowering – characteristics that make a woman stand out.

13 April 2017
Major jewellery manufacturers showed off their exceptional offerings at the 2017 edition of the March Hong Kong Fair, from opulent necklaces set with the finest gemstones to trendy, contemporary collections that can resonate with women of all ages.

13 April 2017
Jadeite, a revered gemstone in Chinese culture, takes pride of place in the fine jewellery collections of Dawn Jewellery (HK) Ltd. The jeweller is on a mission to make the treasured gem more accessible to the market through modern designs.

21 March 2017
Established and up-and-coming designers made a splash at the JMA International Jewelry Design Competition organised by the Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association and HKJE magazine. The contest’s 2016 edition drew 567 entries, including submissions from designers based in Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, the UAE and China.