17 August 2017
China-based equipment manufacturer 3D Plus Printing Hong Kong Ltd specialises in the development and manufacture of machines designed for the jewellery industry.

24 July 2017
Guangzhou Yihui Casting Technology Co Ltd is turning the spotlight on a new 3D printer that it said is capable of printing resin models with “excellent” contours.

24 July 2017
Established in 2003, Double Technology Ltd offers a wide range of modern jewellery manufacturing equipment including hardware and software products imported mainly from Germany, Japan and the US.

30 June 2017
Busch Gmbh & Co KG of Germany has expanded its range of modern tools for jewellery manufacturing.  The company’s AU series, which consists of 1AU, 38AU, 414AU and 446AU, now offers the 1Z-AU tool in ISO sizes of 002, 003 and 004.