17 February 2018
Designer jewellery pieces have become even more in demand as millennials gradually take centre stage in the commercial scene. To stay ahead of the game, jewellers must keep injecting new ideas into their collections, given that seasonal cycles are becoming shorter than they used to be. During one of his recent tours to Asia, world-renowned jewellery designer Stephen Webster sat down with JNA to talk about his vision as one of his generation’s most celebrated jewellery artists.

08 February 2018
Taiwanese designer Harry Lu spent 30 years in the electronics industry before finding his true calling: Designing jewellery. In this interview, Lu talks about his seamless transition to the creative field and discovering his innate talent in the arts.

07 February 2018
Hong Kong’s auction market has been flourishing in recent years, attracting both Chinese and international auction houses. The industry boom ended the monopoly by traditional established players, with the Hong Kong scene diversifying to open up new markets for jewellery auctions.

06 February 2018
Turkish fine jeweller Roberto Bravo has braved many odds over the years to build a brand that constantly delivers unparalleled product quality and a unique customer experience. At the heart of its operations are gold jewellery pieces in contemporary designs that tell stories of nature, art and humanity.

31 January 2018
Winning the favour of celebrities and Hollywood elites, Stefere has grown in popularity in Europe and the US in the last few years. Capitalising on the momentum, the fast-growing French jewellery brand is expanding its presence in high-end department stores worldwide instead of opening mono-brand boutiques.