Ulysse Nardin opens second US boutique

Luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin recently opened its second mono-brand boutique in the US at the Aventura Mall.

The 775-square-foot boutique features a collection of over 100 of its finest timepieces, including three models from the Boutique Exclusive line, all presented in a nautical inspired setting.
"We are pleased to expand our 166-year-old brand even further into the South Florida market," said Patrik Hoffmann, CEO of Ulysse Nardin. "South Florida timepiece aficionados show great enthusiasm for our unique pieces, and we are thrilled to provide them with another destination where they can find limited-edition timepieces."
The Aventura based boutique is an addition to the US headquarters and flagship boutique both located in Boca Raton. The Boutique Exclusive line includes the Blue Toro, the Freak Diavolo Platinum and the Blue Executive Dual Time.

The Blue Toro is a limited-edition certified chronometer with a self-winding perpetual calendar that is conscious of leap years, so it does not have to be reset.
The Freak Diavolo Platinum pays tribute to the original Freak’s pioneering spirit by expanding its use of silicium and taking its tourbillon to new heights.Named after its devilish-in-appearance power-reserve backing, it showcases unrivalled advancements in technology, materials and design and is limited to 10 pieces.
The Blue Executive Dual Time is comprised of a patented Dual Time system with pushers that instantly adjust the hour hand to a different time zone while the home time indicator continues its 24-hour cycle.


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