Russian star’s jewels fetch high prices

Collectibles belonging to legendary Russian singer Ludmila Zykina – famed for her passion for precious stones – fetched over $1 million at an auction in Moscow, according to Russian news channel RT.

Her collection featured one-off pieces, including diamonds and emeralds of high calibre and size, as well as items given to her as presents by heads of states.

Among the most sought-after pieces were a necklace encrusted with 127 diamonds, which went under the hammer for nearly $70,000, and a Chinese jewellery set consistingof a silver bracelet and a pair of rings that sold for over $100,000 at the Gelos auction.

The most highly prized of them all was a pair of earrings featuring a 7-carat diamond, which fetched over $220,000.

Zykina, who died of a heart attack in 2009 at age 80, was famed for her powerful vocals and a repertoire spanning more than 2,000 Russian folk songs. During her five-decade-long career, she toured more than 90 countries and performing for foreign presidents and for artists the likes of Frank Sinatra and Charlie Chaplin.

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