Gem-A confirms relationship with Japan Gem Society

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) gem education will now be provided in Japan through the Japan Gem Society (JGS). Newly launched JGS, formerly the Institute of Gem Culture, a long-established Gem-A Teaching centre acting via VO-GAAJ, now operates under the auspices of the Japan Jewelry Craft School, Gem-A said in a statement.

The agreement for JGS to provide Gem-A courses was finalised at meetings in Hong Kong in February 2012 between JGS Chairman Akira Ito, Nilaam Alawadeen, Gem-A Chairman James Riley and Gem-A CEO Jack Ogden.

"Japan is a major player on the world jewellery stage and an important market for Gem-A. I am delighted that we have been able to cement this relationship between Gem-A and JGS and we look forward to helping to grow access to excellent gem education in Japan," Ogden said.

JGS’ Ito said the collaboration between JGS and the Japan Jewelry Craft School, and the agreement with Gem-A will enable JGS to introduce the London-based educational charity’s courses to a wider audience.

Gem-A has numerous teaching centres across Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea Singapore and Taiwan which are producing a growing number of Gemmology Diploma graduates eligible for election to Fellowship of the Association.

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