RJC certifies four diamond firms

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) recently announced a list of diamond companies that have met the highest ethical, social and environmental standards established by the RJC’s Member Certification system.

The list includes Lukhi Diam BVBA, a trading company based in Antwerp, Belgium; Roger Mathon SA, a jewellery manufacturer based in Paris, France. It also includes two Israeli companies, Gem Concepts Ltd and GLD Diamonds.

Lukhi Diam’s successful verification assessment was conducted by Ann Van Vlaenderen from WF&Co, according to Michael Rae, CEO at RJC.

"Ever since the establishment of Lukhi Diam BVBA, we have been driven by our strong values. Our objective is to transmit these values as well as our skills to future generations. As a leading business house, we understand our social, environment and commercial responsibility. Today, the RJC Certification confirms that our convictions are in line with those of the RJC and acknowledges one of our main values: the aspiration to be a good corporate citizen - socially aware, responsible and open to the world," said Sanjay Bodara, Director of Lukhi Diam BVBA.

Roger Mathon SA’s certification was conducted by Laurent Lhopitallier from Deloitte.

"Roger Mathon SA is sincerely involved in the preservation of French-made high-quality jewellery, which means not only the expression of extraordinary skills but also the respect of ethical values. Throughout the whole process of jewellery making, we promote responsible social and environmental practices. Being today certified by the RJC is an important recognition: it testifies that we care about the individual and his environment in the business. Everyone in the company feels responsible for passing on such values," said Frédéric Mathon, CEO, Roger Mathon SA.

The certifications of the two Israeli companies were conducted by Avi Sadikov from SGS, said CEO Rae.

"GemConcepts Ltd is honoured to be recognised as an officially certified member of the RJC. Ethical, social, environmental and human rights were always an integral part of our everyday business conducts and standards. Achieving the RJC Certification further confirms our commitment to transparency and our continuous support of the industry’s ethical advancement," said Yoram Finkelstein, President, GemConcepts Ltd.

"We are delighted to have achieved RJC Certification. We have always valued responsible ethical, social, environmental and human rights practices and they have been part of our daily business since the inception of GLD Diamonds Ltd. Achieving the RJC Certification further confirms our strong commitment to integrity and our ongoing contribution to sustainable development," said Haim Giladi, President, GLD Diamonds Ltd.

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