Shenzhen shoppers flock to HK, poll reveals

Shoppers from Shenzhen splurge $3 billion annually on their sprees in Hong Kong, according to a survey jointly conducted by the Shenzhen Retail Business Association and Wanren Market Research Co Ltd. Jewellery and gems account for 20.89 percent of their purchases, the survey added.

The survey interviewed 2,116 respondents in Shenzhen in 2010 and an additional 2,029 respondents in 2011.

The past two years saw a dramatic increase in the tourist arrivals to Hong Kong. Nearly 12 percent of Shenzhen shoppers have visited Hong Kong in 2010. It grew to almost 28 percent in 2011. Among which, the proportion of frequent cross-border shoppers rose from 19.36 percent in 2010 to 25.30 percent in 2011.

Hua Tao, director-general of the Shenzhen Retail Business Association, expects the rising trend to continue.

Female shoppers prefer jewellery, cosmetics and fashion items, while male shoppers opt for electronics, the survey said.

Most of the respondents said Hong Kong offers a great variety of goods as well as better bargains. Other factors such as confidence in quality and availability of international brand-name products are also driving Shenzhen locals to shop in Hong Kong.

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