Sarin ships Galaxy 1000 to Botswana

Sarin Technologies Ltd has shipped a Galaxy 1000 system for the scanning and mapping of internal inclusions in rough diamonds to a new service centre in Gaborone that serves the Botswana diamond industry.

"With this new service being offered in Botswana, our customers there too will gain an unprecedented view into the internal features of the diamond, thus truly optimising the value realised by the stone’s owner. We believe the opening of the service centre in Gaborone is of special importance, due to its emerging importance in the world rough diamond trade," Sarin CEO Uzi Levami said.

Gaborone is evolving into one of the world’s primary rough diamond trading centres, as further evidenced by the planned relocation of De Beers’ Diamond Trading Company from London to Gaborone. “We believe the opening of this service centre is of immediate and long-term strategic importance,” Levami said.

The Gaborone service centre is Sarin’s eighth facility, following those in India (Surat and Mumbai), Israel, Belgium, Russia, South Africa and Namibia. This service centre is operated by Indochine Botswana (Pty) Ltd, a local business venture that has been providing Sarin with professional pre- and post-sales services for nearly two years.

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