Italian brand unveils jadeite pendant to celebrate Year of the Dragon

Italian brand SENZANOME celebrates the Year of the Dragon with a new Burmese jadeite pendant with a dragon motif.

The brand’s creative director Giulio Zecchini has spent six months working with his craftsmen in Tuscany to create the piece. Infusing Western contemporary chic and high-precision manufacturing process to the Asian gem, the pendant features Type A Burmese jadeite with a dragon pattern gilded in 18-karat gold.

Using certified Type A jade, each SENZANOME Jade Dragon is assigned a serial number engraved in gold. The brand also offers The Jade Coin collection inspired by antique Chinese coins. The full range of jadeite jewellery can be found in the company showroom at the Times Square Building in Hong Kong.

SENZANOME Burmese jadeite Dragon pendant

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