Pearl business set to grow, says Qatari trader

The pearl business in the Middle East, particularly in Qatar, is poised for growth, says Hussain Alfardan, chairman of Alfardan Group of Companies, a leading Qatari pearl trader.

Speaking to Gulf Times during the 9th Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition, Alfardan said that pearl trade in the region is expected to grow further, thanks to a number of young entrants who are showing interest in the pearl business.
"It is heartening indeed to find that a number of Qatari youngsters are also showing keen interest in the pearl business which used to be the main money-earner for the region’s residents before the discovery of oil," Alfardan was quoted as saying.
He attributes the growing interest to government support in promoting the business through exhibitions and similar incentives, which keep businessmen active in the trade.
"There is an increasing interest among traders in new markets notwithstanding the economic slowdown in the last few years," he said.

Alfardan is also optimistic on the future of the global pearl business, noting that the entry of more business houses in pearl trading and the growing number of jewellers participating in large exhibitions worldwide show that the industry is all set for marked growth in the coming years.

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