Cambodia welcomes first gem-testing lab

As part of its ongoing commitment to expand services in Cambodia, Intertek established a laboratory in the country to help regulate and provide guidelines for gem trade, according to a report by The Phnom Penh Post.

The facility, which officially opened today, is Cambodia’s first gem laboratory.

Currently, no proper quality-assurance methods are in place, said Khut Sothy, Intertek director in Cambodia, adding that in the past, buyers purchase gems only on good faith. This has led to some tourists being fooled into buying fake gems.

The establishment of the laboratory aims to provide recognisable certificates, which hopefully will boost the confidence of foreign buyers, said EK Chea, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce’s product development office. 

The London Stock Exchange-listed Intertek is a leading provider of solutions including inspection, testing, quality assurance and certification.

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