HRD Antwerp completes internal review

HRD Antwerp recently announced that its board has received the results of the internal reviews of the diamond laboratory and has confirmed the remedial actions taken by management. It has further decided to pass the entire dossier to the judicial authorities for a further examination on possible legal infringements.

The HRD Antwerp board declared that the internal quality control review has been concluded on a positive note. "We have been able to localize the causes and sources of the grading improprieties and have found that it solely involves only a few individuals and companies. HRD Antwerp has proven it has the skills and the corporate will to investigate its own possible breaches of the rules and that it can take effective actions to prevent recurrence and to reassure the market of the total integrity of its HRD Antwerp brand," HRD Antwerp General Manager Georges Brys said.

"As HRD Antwerp’s own investigation was fully focused on its internal quality controls and staff adherence to the strict grading rules, the HRD Antwerp board unanimously felt that all the findings of the internal investigations should be passed on to the appropriate authorities. All staff members have received unequivocal instructions to fully cooperate."

Meanwhile, three diamond firms have been asked to clear their accounts at HRD Antwerp.

It has previously been announced that the boards of both the AWDC and HRD Antwerp had appointed an ad-hoc Committee of prominent industry leaders and academics to guide the internal review, and that the services of a specialised firm was ordered to perform an independent forensic audit in the HRD Antwerp diamond lab. Since the internal investigations have been completed, the ad-hoc Committee has ceased to exist. The HRD Antwerp management has expressed its gratitude to the hard and diligent work undertaken by the committee.

Brys believes that the swift reaction of HRD Antwerp has strengthened the organisation and provided a further boost to the standing of the HRD Antwerp brand.

"Our policy for absolutely zero-tolerance to any possible irregularity remains firmly rooted in our culture, and this is based on the adherence of the management and staff to the strict ISO and other internal rules. We can now go back to business as usual – strengthened and more determined to give our stakeholders the highest quality product which will instil trust and confidence in every diamond transaction which carries our HRD Antwerp certificate," he said.

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