Harry Winston Shanghai marks opening with limited-edition pieces

Harry Winston celebrates the inauguration of its first flagship Pavilion in Shanghai with a collection of jewellery and timepieces with Chinese motif.

The limited-edition jewellery set features a platinum bracelet with diamond-encrusted charms, including one that features the initials H and W for Harry Winston and an infinity-shaped piece which symbolises prosperity in Chinese culture. Another charm in the collection features a solitaire  diamond ring engraved with the initials H and W, which also hints at the words "husband" and "wife."

The luxury timepieces include five models – two for men and three for women.

The Midnight Limited Edition Shanghai ladies timepieces feature brilliant-cut diamonds and the signature Shikumen triple arch décor. The rose gold model measures 32mm in diameter and is adorned with 84 diamonds of at least 0.17 carats. The white gold model showcases a jade dial with geometrical décor made of onyx. Its daring green colour symbolises harmony, prosperity and health in China.

Another timepiece for the ladies, the Premier Feathers Limited Edition Shanghai watch features an 18-karat rose gold case and bezel set with 67 brilliant-cut diamonds. The dial is adorned with marquetry of red feathers designed in the tradition of feather art, which was often worn in the headwear of Chinese royalties. Only eight pieces of this timepiece is being sold.

For men, Harry Winston rolled out two Midnight Tourbillon  Limited Edition Shanghai timepieces. The models feature a generously sized 45mm diameter white gold cases and splashes of red, a colour considered auspicious in Chinese culture.

Platinum bracelet with diamond-encrusted charms

Premier Feathers  Limited Edition Shanghai timepiece

Harry Winston Shanghai Xintiandi Pavilion

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