Hangzhou to host premiere jewellery event

Hangzhou, the capital city and political, economic and cultural centre of Zhejiang Province, will host the inaugural Treasures Hangzhou, scheduled for October 24 to 26 at the Hyatt Regency Hangzhou.
Jointly organised by UBM China, the International Colored Gemstone Association and the Jewelry Jade Industry Association of Zhejiang, the three-day event will give the province's sophisticated jewellery consumers, private collectors and high-end jewellery retailers the opportunity to admire and purchase exquisite jewellery, diamonds, gemstones, pearls and jadeite from esteemed international jewellers. Among these exhibitors are Hini Star Ltd, Golden Dynasty (HK) Ltd, Shenzhen Color And Diamond Jewellery Co Ltd, SYM Jewellery Co Ltd and Houlang Jewellery (Shanghai) Co Ltd.

UBM China could not have chosen a better city than Hangzhou to host Eastern China's newest premiere jewellery event.  Hangzhou is one of China's second-tier cities whose consumer market is showing great potential for development.  Like in the rest of China, there is a growing league of high-end consumers in Hangzhou that is eager to enjoy a better lifestyle by snapping up luxury goods, including exquisite jewellery, diamonds, gemstones, pearls and jadeite.

According to the 2010-2011 World Luxury Association survey, Hangzhou ranks first among China's second- and third-tier cities as having the highest consumption of high-end goods apart from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.  A report released by Goldman Sachs also showed that over the next five years, second- and third-tier cities including Hangzhou, Wenzhou and Ningbo, will account for much of China's high-end consumer market.

Nationwide, total consumption of gems and jewellery reached $11 billion in 2010. Of this figure, diamonds account for over $1.1 billion, making China potentially the world's largest diamond consumer market and the world's second largest diamond processing country, according to the World Luxury Association.  Jade also accounts for a large part of the total figure.

Treasures Hangzhou will be held concurrently with another masterpiece of art, also at the Hyatt Regency Hangzhou – the "Liang Zhu Bei" Zhejiang Jade Carving Exhibition.  This prominent carving art event in Eastern China attracts art lovers and collectors from throughout China, also bringing more high-net-worth individuals to Treasures Hangzhou's doorsteps.  During the Fair, a series of professional seminars will be held to give visitors the chance to enrich their knowledge of collecting and investing in high-end jewellery. 

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