Damas provides Dubai Customs officers with specialised training on gold purity

Jewellery retailer Damas recently organised a gold purity training programme for Dubai Customs officers, The Gulf Today reported recently.

According to the report, 24 customs officers completed the tailored course, which included modules related to diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls. Damas’ managers facilitated the training programme at the jewellery retailer’s head office in Dubai.

The course’s goal was to strengthen the customs officers’ ability to identify counterfeit gold and jewellery products being illegally shipped into Dubai.

"Damas is proud to support government efforts in line with enhancing Dubai's reputation as the world's leading gold and jewellery hub," Damas CEO Anan Fakhreddin was quoted as saying. "We are happy to offer these sessions to keep various organisations and departments updated about the latest trends and developments within the gold and jewellery sector."

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