GIA and Mumbai Alumni Chapter host retail seminar

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) collaborated with its Mumbai Alumni Chapter to host "Manufacturing to Retailing: Strategic Move or Growth Requisite?" at the institute's Mumbai campus. Colin Shah, managing director of Kama Schachter Jewellery Pvt Ltd, was the chief speaker.

The seminar covered the challenges of growing a manufacturing brand into a retail brand in India, and eventually an international brand. Shah shed light on different strategies of product development and positioning, marketing and merchandising to tackle the shifting demand of consumers today. He explained fluctuating market trends across the globe and highlighted the importance of marketing research for jewellery design and manufacturing.

Shah founded Kama Jewellery at the age of 25, and then established various international manufacturing units and brands under the umbrella of Kama Schachter Jewellery Pvt Ltd.

"He [Colin Shah] has shared years of exhaustive research in product development and marketing strategies for brands within India and abroad," said Apoorva Deshingkar, head of country sales for GIA in India. "Such insight into the industry mechanisms is tremendously valuable to GIA alumni."


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