A treasure trove of gem discoveries

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will host its next Gemstone Gathering on May 15 in Bangkok, Thailand. Kenneth Scarratt, GIA’s managing director of South East Asia and director of the GIA laboratory in Bangkok, will present “Unexpected Treasures,” highlighting exceptional gems – and their stories – he has seen over his three decades as a gemmologist, from royal jewels to recent discoveries.

Fascinating gemstones and specimens come through GIA’s worldwide laboratories every day, and its expert gemmologists have learned to expect the unexpected. This event will highlight some of Scarratt and his colleague’s most unexpected finds. 
The presentation will focus in on royal jewels, bounties discovered in sunken galleons, and recent unusual and dramatic gem finds on land and in the ocean’s depths. All gems have a story, and the gems Scarratt will cover have many and varied histories – short and long – but in all cases, captivating.
Scarratt is considered one of the world’s top gemmologists with more than 30 years of experience, including seven with GIA. He has extensive expertise in the identification of a broad range of gem materials and detection of treatments, and is a leading authority on natural pearls. He has authored or co-authored articles in many gemmological journals worldwide, and has co-authored two books: The Crown Jewels and The Pearl & the Dragon.
GIA’s Gemstone Gathering in Thailand is a free event that begins at 6pm on May 15 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok in the Ballroom, Lobby Level.


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