Indonesia must hurdle obstacles to compete globally: APEPI

Local jewellery designers had a strong showing at the recent Jakarta International Jewelry Fair (JIJF), The Jakarta Post reported. However, the amount of talent couldn’t compensate for the lack of technology and government support for Indonesian jewellers to compete globally, said the Indonesian Jewelry and Gold Industry Association (APEPI).

APEPI secretary general Iskandar Husin noted that “the lack of facilities” and rigid government regulations are making it harder for Indonesian designers to produce high quality jewellery.

"In terms of technology, our jewellery industry is left behind compared to neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Malaysia," Iskandar was quoted as saying. Iskandar also noted that the 20 percent value added tax (PPN) and 10 percent import duty on silver are putting additional burden on jewellery manufacturers.

APEPI aims to increase Indonesian jewellery export figures from $480 million in 2011 to $500 million this year, Iskandar said, noting that there are strong demands coming from Europe and the Middle East.

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