Lara Bohinc designs bold palladium pieces

The International Palladium Board is partnering with London-based luxury goods company Lara Bohinc to present two palladium collections in July. Both collections – Fine Jewellery and Collision – will showcase the artist’s vision and creative exploration of the precious metal's key properties of lightness and strength.

Lara Bohinc’s Fine Jewellery Collection is an exclusive range inspired by architectural structures. The strong palladium structure incorporates several hundred diamonds on each piece and protects delicate South Sea pearls. The collection features five distinct and luxurious pieces comprising of a cuff, a choker, a pair of earrings, a ring and a pendant necklace.

The 7-carat choker is a true statement piece; the curved upper neckline secures a bold orb pendant. The earrings and a pendant necklace mirror this defining spherical form and the architectural inspiration is further showcased by the beautiful structure of palladium that frames the large 5-carat cuff.

The Collision Collection includes a ring, a pendant and studs that showcase the evolution of the artist’s iconic aesthetic in palladium. Drawing inspiration from the tension of tectonic plates, the cleanly metallic split-hemisphere exterior is underscored by a black onyx inner. This split-hemisphere motif is featured on a pendant and stud earring, while creating a remarkable variation with the Double Collision ring, in which the two split spheres of onyx and palladium join together to complete the band.

"Palladium has empowered me to design a bold and luxurious collection," said Lara Bohinc. "The lattice formation provides strength while allowing for the illumination of the pearls. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of working with an unexplored and pioneering new metal, one that has broadened the potential for my future collections."

"Lara Bohinc has intelligently interpreted palladium and its unique properties," said Brad Mills, chairman of International Palladium Board. "We are proud to unveil Lara as our fine jewellery partner and her outstanding designs are sure to inspire the jewellery world to consider palladium as the contemporary precious metal of the future."

The International Palladium Board and Lara Bohinc collaboration is part of the 'Palladium Visions' campaign, which will see the International Palladium Board working with some of the world's most visionary artists, designers and jewellers throughout 2012.

The International Palladium Board is dedicated to establishing palladium as the contemporary precious metal of the future. Palladium, the lustrous white metal, is gaining favour from jewellery designers for its rarity, lightness and strength. It is the most recent precious metal to be hallmarked.

Palladium Collision ring

Palladium Fine Jewellery choker

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