Swarovski to launch a reality web series

Swarovski has partnered with acclaimed costume designer Eric Daman to create The Daman Chronicles, a reality web series that will air on Cambio, a leading online entertainment platform for teens and young adults. 

The Daman Chronicles follows Daman as he gallivants around New York City preparing for a shoot, researching for upcoming television seasons and meeting with his influential friends. The maiden episode will air on June 19 following a live-streamed kick-off event at Swarovski's Lincoln Road boutique in Miami.

"We are thrilled [that the] long-time friend of the brand, Eric Daman, is starring in Swarovski's original content," said Livia Marotta, director of communications for Swarovski CGB NA. "Like Swarovski, Eric is very adept at bringing luxury aesthetics to the mainstream, which is what we are aiming to do with this entertaining and engaging web series and interactive programme."

Leading up to the web premiere, Swarovski and Cambio are inviting users to tap into their own costume design abilities through participating in the "Dress as your Favorite Gossip Girl" contest. Fashion fans simply upload photos of themselves dressed as their favourite Gossip Girl characters to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #swarovskistyle. The best interpretation of a character's overall look according to Daman will win a Rocket Necklace from Swarovski's summer jewellery collection, Seasons 1 through 4 of Gossip Girl on DVD and social media notoriety. 

"I am privileged to have partnered with Swarovski, a brand that is constantly innovating ways to engage young people through producing relatable content for platforms that teens and young adults interact with daily," said Daman. "I am so excited that thanks to Swarovski I'm finally able to bring my fans a real-life glimpse of a career in costume design through The Daman Chronicles, and ask budding designers, stylists and fashion enthusiasts for their interpretation of signature Gossip Girl looks."

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