Kama Jewellery upbeat about platinum

Platinum jewellery in India is on the rise and Kama Jewellery hopes to capture a big portion of this market with the launch of a platinum collection.
"The surge of urbanisation and rapidly growing middle class in India has taken consumerism to new heights, particularly in the platinum jewellery sector," stated a company press release.

Platinum jewellery has become one of the choices for gifting because of its reliability and value, according to the company.

Platinum jewellery particularly appeal to the younger generation, who prefer it for daily wear as well as special occasions like weddings and anniversaries. Elusive designs, rich white colour, anti-allergic properties are making platinum jewellery a popular sell with today’s Indian consumers.

"Foreseeing the surging demand for platinum and diamond jewellery, the launch of Kama Platinum will be a positive move for the company. Kama Jewellery is looking forward to promote platinum and diamond jewellery in a big way this (Akshaya Tritiya) season," said Colin Shah, managing director and CEO of Kama Schachter. 

Kama Platinum is branded under the concept of "Pure as Love", reiterating the sanctity, purity and eternity of love. The collection offers more than 320 kinds of platinum jewellery including couple bands, promise rings, engagement rings, chains and pendants. It has been recognised by the Platinum Guild International.

Diamond-set platinum jewellery suite by Kama Jewellery

Diamond-set platinum jewellery suite with flower motif by Kama Jewellery

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