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Pearl jeweller making inroads into China market

Pendants by Angeperle


Pendants by Angeperle


Models present Angeperle’s pearl jewellery suites

Zhejiang Angeperle Co Ltd is making tremendous gains in China’s pearl jewellery market by leveraging its strong pearl sourcing capabilities, design and manufacturing strengths, and competitive pricing strategy.

Zhejiang Angeperle Co Ltd is making tremendous gains in China’s pearl jewellery market by leveraging its strong pearl sourcing capabilities, design and manufacturing strengths, and competitive pricing strategy.

“The market is changing. Our market focus used to be on Europe and the Americas, but now, we are focused on mainland China. Our Shenzhen branch is doing extremely well in the wholesaling of freshwater pearl products,” according to Water Hu, general manager of Hong Kong-based Angeperle (International) Co Ltd, the export management arm of Zhejiang Angeperle.

“Our knowledge of pearls is the key factor to our success. Our expertise and know-how allow us to produce pearls of the highest possible quality. Furthermore, we are also working with some famous designers in creating innovative pieces. These factors, together with our strict quality control procedures, give us an edge in the market.”

Headquartered in Zhuji City, known as China’s “Pearl City,” Zhejiang Angeperle expanded its pearl business from wholesaling to finished pearl jewellery manufacturing about three years ago. The company has more than two decades of experience in the pearl trade.

Fine collections

Recently, the company launched a contemporary line of Chinese freshwater pearl key pendants in 18-karat white and pink gold with diamond accents. The jeweller’s flower- and ribbon-inspired collections launched a few years ago are among its top-sellers. “Our collections are beautifully simple and superbly crafted,” Hu said. “We mainly use fine-quality freshwater pearls, although we have expanded our offering to include white and golden South Sea, Tahitian and Akoya pearls. Our pearls’ lustrous beauty is the highlight of our collections.”

All of the collections are in 18-karat gold.

Despite the challenging economic environment in 2016, the group’s sales performance met expectations, Hu said. “The company recorded steady growth compared with our 2015 sales performance. In terms of market share, we are also expanding our global footprint. Our business in Hong Kong mainly focuses on wholesaling and the export of semi-finished jewellery pieces,” Hu said. “Since demand growth in overseas markets is facing some challenges at the moment, we have reduced our profit margin to offer our customers more value for money. This, however, does not mean that we have compromised on quality. The quality of our products is as good as ever.”

While the company mainly uses machines in manufacturing, it relies heavily on craftsmen who are also experienced pearl sorters. “Highly skilled craftsmen, who are also knowledgeable about pearl processing, are hard to find these days compared with artisans who work solely on diamond or gold,” Hu said in an earlier interview.

Design plays a vital role in Zhejiang Angeperle’s success, especially in its efforts to capture the attention of younger consumers.

“Among China’s younger demographic, our main targets are the Post-80s and Post-90s generations. In order to win their hearts, we have put the emphasis on style – simple but elegant,” Hu said, noting that wholesaling remains a major revenue earner for the company.

Product selection

In 2017, Zhejiang Angeperle will also expand its pearl sourcing activities to enhance its stock of quality goods, he continued. 

“This will result in better inventory turnover and sales,” Hu said. “People are very cautious now. The market has shrunk, which isn’t good, but at the same time, the number of competitors has also gone down. Leveraging on this, I hope we can further our growth.”

In terms of the breadth and depth of its product line, Zhejiang Angeperle is among the industry leaders, he continued.

“We are also frontrunners when it comes to the techniques used in production and processing, and our high level of efficiency. This gives us significant influence in the market since we are well-stocked with high-quality goods that are competitively priced.”

The group’s Zhejiang head office oversees the processing of raw materials and wholesaling of semi-finished goods. It also operates branches in Beijing and Shenzhen.

“In the second half of 2017, we plan to expand to Shanghai and Hangzhou. In fact, we already have two stores operating in Hangzhou, and we will continue to grow our business there,” he said. JNA